Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Section

  • What does the Marketplace Analyzer do?

    The Marketplace Analyzer Application will find the most successful auctions selling the popular items on eBay in Real Time, based on eBay Score, Item Watch Count, Items Sold, Estimated Total Sales and other information.

    It spies on how much and where your top competitors and other Powersellers make most of their money on eBay. See a quick analysis of some of the successful live listings right now as selected by eBay.

    This analysis is pretty fast which is really nice considering we all want to cut to the chase.

    It gets this information from eBay using an Application Programming Interface. The application can then re-order these results by eBay score, highest number of items sold, highest estimated total sales, watch count, etc.

  • What about those listings that have no sales and Items Sold column shows N/A?

    Because of the nature of the listing type, many Auctions or Ad type listings will return no figures for Items Sold and Estimated Total Sales. That is why you will find some results displaying N/A.

    But the listings are still selling ranked products that have been returned as popular items based on the eBay algorithm using other factors such as previous sales history of item, Bid Count, Watch Count etc.

  • How does the application do an analysis?

    All you have to do is input either of these parameters;

    - 1. Category

    - 2. Category + Sub Category

    You can further filter Instant and Detailed Insight to the most popular items based on eBay score or items with the highest sales (estimated), number of items sold and active watchers based on those parameters.

    You can also select the number of items returned in the results and the eBay site you want analyzed. Currently, only these eBay sites are available;
    US and eBay Motors. In other words, we provide information to make the potential profit areas on eBay easily discernible.

  • What kind of data do I expect to find in the results?

    This is some of the information the app will display in the tabulated results;
    - Item Title and Image
    - Watch Count
    - Items Sold
    - Estimated Total Sales of listing
    - Current Bid / Price
    - Age of listing
    - Time Left/Remaining
    - Marketplace Analyzer Metric
    - Average Sales per month, week and day
    and much more.

  • What is the Marketplace Analyzer Metric?

    The Marketplace Analyzer Metric is a simple percentage ratio of the number of items sold and the number of listing views. It is meant to be a generally indicative of the estimated items conversion rate and is provided for further data analysis.

  • How do you search the most popular items across the entire eBay site at once?

    You may search the most popular items across all Categories or across the entire eBay site at once just by leaving the category option as 'All Categories'.

  • What is the difference between the Free and Premium members level of access?

    Free members have lower clearance to access full marketplace intelligence. They do not get results for the Top 40 most popular items. They also cannot research a specific user's items on the Seller Items Research.

    They will need to upgrade to the Premium members plan to be granted higher clearance and Full Access to the app's service.

  • App Glossary

  • What is eBay Score

    This is a metric based on an eBay algorithm that determines the most popular items. When this option is selected in the sorting options, the listings returned are ordered based on this metric.

  • What is Watch Count?

    This figure shows the number of eBayers who are watching this item at the moment.

    That is, the number of users who have clicked on the - Watch this Item - button.

  • What is Items Sold?

    This figure denotes the total number of items sold by the listing.

  • What is Estimated Total Sales?

    This indicative figure is the gross value, and combines the number of items sold by the listing multiplied by the current price or bid. This is merely an estimate because it does not account for the price changes over the course of the listing

  • What is Average Sales per Day/Week/Month?

    This is an indicative figure which is a ratio of the total estimated sales, and the number of days/weeks/months the listing has been active.

    This is merely an estimate because it does not account for the price changes over the course of the listing.

  • What is Number of Views?

    This is the number of unique users that have landed on the listing page.

  • Billing

  • How do I pay for it?

    OnlineAdvantageClub.com manages the entire subscription and billing processes for all our applications in their membership club and that's why they generate the invoices and send them to you directly. This is done automatically so make sure your payment method is always well funded to complete all outstanding invoices.

  • Why was I charged even after canceling my account?

    Please note that OnlineAdvantageClub.com always reserves the right to collect all outstanding payments incurred during your subscription before you canceled. They are the ones who automatically bill the subscribers of all Application Directory apps on behalf of developers. You are not charged after cancellation if your invoices have all been paid up.

  • Why is my account still suspended yet I have paid all my invoices?

    Because of the suspension, you may need to reactivate your account with us. Please go through and complete the entire subscription flow once again to re-sync your subscription status with our database. In case you still can't access the app even after reactivation, just let us know and please include your eBay username that you signed up with for pin-point assistance.

  • My account has been suspended and I want to renew it, but am receiving error messages when trying to pay the invoice?

    Please note that our app's subscription and billing processes are entirely managed by OnlineAdvantageClub.com. Therefore your payment method on record with OnlineAdvantageClub.com is very private and confidential to you and inaccessible to third parties. Therefore resolving any payment processing errors relating to your payment method can best be resolved by them. We however advise that you make sure your payment method is always well funded to complete all outstanding invoices.